Food has been a first-love for everyone.

Since ages, this concept is being followed. If we talk about the medieval period, only kings and their families used to have a variety of food. If anybody among kingdoms used to come for a parley, they would bring various exotic fruits and recipes with them to share. There used to be a separate kitchen for the royal family and the cook had to be very experienced in his skills. The food that cooks would make was only served to the royal family and eminent leaders of the kingdom. As time passed, this trend of eating royal food just by the elite class slowly went down with democracy. Now, everyone can taste the exotic recipes of royal food made by a quietly experienced chef.

With the grand opening of our new restaurant, everyone in Kitchener would be able to enjoy such delicacies. At ‘The Grand Mehfil’ we are delighted to serve you the majestic food, which was once only meant for the kings. Here we offer a variety of dishes from India which will leave one baffled about the ingredients. We use various spices from East Asia that were put in the platter for the royalty. Relish the mouth-watering exotic cuisines straight from the royal kitchen of ‘The Grand mehfil’, with the perfect ambiance.

Royalty is a term used for those people who are kings or who belong to the high class. With us, everyone can have this feeling. Have a visit to our doorsteps and you will be treated as a royal being. The delightful aromatic experience would surely allure you to taste our food. Our chefs have the proper experience to provide a genuine taste of the king’s kitchen. Not to forget about the hygiene we keep in our kitchen. We believe in the best eating experience, where you will never be dissatisfied with the cleanliness. Moreover, enticing décor surely is enough to create unforgettable memories of your life.

It is irrefutable that after leaving India a person can feel nostalgic. To bring back the joy of Indian street food, we have a different section where our guests can have authentic Indian snacks. This section is especially dedicated to the newcomers who have recently immigrated to Canada from India. Here they can relive the moments which they miss the most. It has been noticed that even the aroma of crisp fried food can bring joy to their mind. These delectable appetizers are something that one would never prefer to miss.

For our precious customers who love to eat Halal, we have a special arrangement for them. They can have their preferred Halal Chicken here. The preparation method we use in our kitchen is purely appetizing. The aromatic experience within the walls of our restaurant will leave an everlasting impression on your mind.

We at The Grand Mehfil, provide you with the best restaurant experience. A Durbar (a dedicated hall for parties) has been established with seating space for 60 people, where everyone will be served as a noble guest. The list does not end here. We also have separate private areas to offer, where customers can spend quality time with their dear ones without any hindrance to our other guests. Not to forget about the Mehkhana – a separate bar for our customers who love to enjoy having a drink while enjoying their food. This is a perfect place for gathering with friends, where one can enjoy a variety of beverages
“All these things, and no Music?

No, that’s not right.” That is why we had an idea of playing soft live music for you. This will give you a feeling of being in royal dining along with some soothing experience. Do visit us and share your reviews. Opened near you in Canada. We are excited to meet you soon at The Grand Mehfil, the best in town.