Although there has not been even a single case related to COVID-19 transmission by food. However, as per the governmental guidelines, The Grand Mehfil follows the necessary rules. We will keep on adhering to the guidelines provided by the authorities. We will make sure that nothing happens to our customers except love and affection towards our services.

Just one Task, Wear a Mask!

Mask is essential for everyone to curb the percolating Coronavirus. At The Grand Mehfil, all the staff members are required to wear masks. If anyone of our staff is suffering from symptoms, he/she is asked to stay at home and can join our team once all the symptoms vanish. We also request all our customers to wear masks while entering or leaving our premises for everybody’s safety. A thermal check-up would be done when anyone comes through the entrance door. If you have to cough or sneeze, do so by covering your mouth and nose by tissue and then dispose of that. Remember, we can fight this virus if we work together on the precautions.

Keep a little Distance, if you need Assistance!

As per the guidelines by health advisory, it is essential to keep a distance of at least 1 metre between you and the other guests. Payment through electronic mode is preferable. While at the payment counter, avoid touching the surface even though it is disinfected by our staff on regular basis. Not just here, we request you to maintain this distance wherever you visit. We wish our customers to be healthy at all times. 

Wash it off!

It is recommended by health experts worldwide that any kind of virus can be washed away from the hands. The only requirement is to wash your hands continuously and thoroughly for at least 40-60 seconds with soap and water. In case soap and water are not available then it is suggested to use a sanitizer with a consistency of 60% – 95% alcohol. Wash your hands before touching your eyes, mouth or nose. At The Grand Mehfil, our staff will sterilize all the surfaces and items which are likely to be touched by almost all of our customers, such as tables, door handles, chairs, cash counter, electronic payment machine, and bathrooms.